Australia Is A Corporation Owned By The Vatican: How And Why

Australia is a corporation owned by the Vatican and therefore subject to the laws of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has a long history of owning and operating corporations, including banks, insurance companies, and other businesses. In Australia, the Catholic Church owns several hospitals, universities, and schools. It also owns several properties, including office buildings and apartments.

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The Catholic Church’s ownership of Australia is not widely known, but it is a fact. The Church acquired its first property in Australia in 1851 when it purchased a piece of land in Sydney. Since then, the Church has steadily acquired more property and businesses in Australia. Today, the Catholic Church is one of the largest landowners in Australia.

How Did Australia Become A Corporation Owned By The Vatican?

The short answer is that Australia was colonized by the British, who were controlled by the Vatican. The longer answer involves a bit of history.

The Roman Catholic Church has always been a political power, as well as a religious one. In the Middle Ages, the Pope was often more powerful than European kings. After the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, the Vatican became even more involved in politics, using its power to influence kings and queens.

The British monarchy is closely tied to the Catholic Church. The current queen, Elizabeth II, is a Catholic. Her husband, Prince Philip, is also a Catholic. And, most importantly, the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, is a Catholic.

The Vatican has always been interested in colonizing new lands. In the 16th century, they sent missionaries to Australia. But it wasn’t until 1788 that the British colony of New South Wales was established in Australia.

How Did Australia Become A Corporation In Business?

In 1855, the British Parliament passed the Australian Companies Act, which allowed for the incorporation of companies in Australia. The first company to be incorporated under this act was the Melbourne-based Australasian Steam Navigation Company. This paved the way for other businesses to follow suit and incorporate themselves under Australian law. 

Today, Australia is home to some of the world’s largest corporations, such as mining giant BHP Billiton and retailer Woolworths. These companies are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, which is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world. Thanks to the favourable business environment and strong economy, Australia is a popular destination for foreign investors looking to do business.

The Reasons Why Australia Become A Corporation In Some Business


  1. Corporation status provides limited liability to shareholders, meaning they are only liable for the amount of money they have invested in the company. This protects them from being held personally responsible for any debts or losses incurred by the business.


  1. Corporations can raise capital by selling shares to investors, which provides them with a source of funding that is not available to other business entities.


  1. The corporate structure allows businesses to exist indefinitely, even if the original shareholders die or sell their shares. This continuity can make it easier for businesses to attract long-term investors and secure financing.


  1. Corporations are taxed separately from their owners, which provides certain tax benefits. For example, the owners of a corporation can deduct the losses incurred by the business from their taxes.


  1. Corporations can offer employee benefits and stock options that are not available to other business entities. This can help businesses attract and retain top talent.


  1. The corporate structure provides businesses with a certain degree of credibility and legitimacy. This can make it easier to win customers and partners.


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