Why You Should Create a Grazing Table for Catering

If you are a caterer or event planner, you know that there is nothing worse than running out of food at an important event. To prevent this from happening, many experienced caterers have begun using grazing tables for catering events. Grazing tables allow guests to serve themselves and enjoy multiple dishes without creating waste or taking too much time away from the event itself. To learn more about grazing tables, click here.

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Here are some reasons why it benefits both your business and your clients for you to use a grazing table during large-scale catering events:

Grazing tables save space. 

If every individual dish was laid out on a separate table, people would be forced to traverse long distances in between each one they wanted to visit. A properly-designed grazing table allows guests to serve themselves from multiple different dishes without creating too much of a distance between each one. This helps cut down on the overall time guests spend at an event, allowing them more time to enjoy everything available there.

Grazing tables allow you to create a variety. 

A table full of only appetizers rarely satisfies anyone’s appetite, but a well-rounded grazing table can make everyone pleased. Use a mix of vegetables and protein, hot and cold dishes, heavy and light foods – whatever you think would please your clientele best!

You will notice that using this system has many benefits: not only can people choose what they want most, but also how much they want at one time. An added benefit with these types of setups is that it allows for a variety of dietary restrictions and needs among guests – for instance, if there’s a vegetarian at the party who isn’t interested in meat or seafood dishes.

Grazing tables encourage people to eat everything. 

If you’ve ever seen an entire buffet table of untouched food, you know how wasteful it can be as well as how disappointed customers are when they’re not getting their money’s worth. With a grazing table, though, guests self-serve what they want, meaning that everyone gets exactly what they wanted and no one will feel like their choices weren’t met.

You’ll also notice that those who take small amounts may come back and grab more than one serving – after all, why fill up on just cold cuts when there are multiple hot dishes to try?

Grazing tables allow you to customize the menu. 

Typically, buffet-style events are only known for their variety of options, but many caterers use them because they can serve anything from heavy hors d’oeuvres to lighter fare like salads and sandwiches.

With a grazing table, guests get exactly what they want without having to sit through courses that leave them feeling full or vice versa – this is especially helpful when timing an event so it doesn’t interfere with another activity later in the day. For instance, if there is a sporting event later on at night, your clients will be pleased to have light meal options earlier in the day while everyone is napping between games!

Grazing tables allow for more accurate planning and measuring. 

When you’re busy preparing food, it can sometimes be hard to know exactly how many people will be attending the event. Using a grazing table allows everyone to take as much or as little as they want – meaning that you will end up using the correct amount of food, no matter how many guests attend.

This factor is especially helpful when having large events with multiple courses and dishes available, such as weddings and other formal affairs.

Grazing tables make your client happy. 

No one likes standing around waiting for their turn at an overcrowded buffet table – those who are late to the party miss out on everything before they even have a chance to grab some food! Grazing tables allow guests the space they need to move around freely, so you can avoid overcrowding and long wait times. In addition, those same guests will appreciate being able to pick out the foods they want most from a wide variety of choices.

Grazing tables are more versatile than traditional buffets. 

Even if you have already used a buffet table for one event, chances are that you could benefit from a grazing table for your next gathering – it’s a unique way of catering food that allows for even better service! Guests feel satisfied with the freedom of choice and ability to customize their dishes, while caterers can rest assured that everyone is receiving ideal amounts of food without having to stand in line for an hour.

Of course, any self-respecting professional caterer will tell you that the most important thing you should do is to cater to your client’s needs! If they want a traditional buffet, consider it done. On the other hand, if they are open to trying something new and innovative, discuss with them how grazing tables can serve their event so everyone will be happy at the end of the day.

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