Street Furniture in Landscape Architecture

Street furniture in landscape architecture is basically small and simple furniture that is placed along the edges of roads intended for pedestrians and provides the necessary seating for people passing by. This type of furniture usually consists of tables, chairs, benches and sometimes fire pits depending on what is available locally. Some street furniture was installed several years ago to cater for the growing population that started to come into existence as a result of the World War II. The street furniture was primarily used for the beautification of the road but it also has some utilitarian aspect as well.


The aim of the designers of the street furniture is to provide a minimalist type of furniture with all the functionality and the aesthetic that they want to incorporate into their designs. There are several forms of this kind of furniture. One can get the sofas, benches, chaise lounges, dining tables and the like. They are normally made out of materials that are durable and light-weight, which makes them easier to carry around and move from one place to another.


The incorporation of street furniture into a landscape architecture design aims to bring about a feeling of minimalism while at the same time providing a comfortable and relaxing environment for those who would be sitting or strolling on the area. A common theme that can be seen in most landscape architecture is the incorporation of natural materials such as bricks, concrete, and stone. In order to bring about a certain level of comfort, the use of wicker, rattan and wood is also integrated. This can be done with plants and other elements that would beautify the scene and make the area more appealing to those who would be using the space. The integration of the different features of these materials gives off a very organic feel while at the same time making them look very elegant and sophisticated.

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