Copywriting Secrets – The Master Copywriter’s Notes On Writing Sales Copy

Summary: Copywriting Secrets is an essential and powerful book that will reveal to you how to obtain more traffic, gain more exposure, gain more subscribers, make more sales, and land more paying customers online. Good copywriters usually charge up to 500 per hour for their services. I believe in full disclosure, and this is one of the best books on the market today for the serious online copywriter. Within this comprehensive guide, you will receive:

If you are new to Internet copywriting, or if you have been a copywriter for some time, Copywriting Secrets will show you how to take action and implement proven copywriting methods to make money online. I have never seen an author write a book so candidly and bluntly, with such intelligence. Russell Brunson takes us through all of the nitty-gritty details required to succeed in the highly competitive field of copywriting. The strategies he reveals can be implemented immediately to increase your bottom line.

Each page contains a proofreading exercise, a bonus, a case study, and even a mini-problem-solution exercise to help you prepare for the next copywriting secret. Copywriting Secrets will teach you the proper way to write sales copy from the perspective of the buyer, which is always the right way to write sales copy. This will enable you to understand what real customers want and why they read your copy. After reading this master copywriter’s masterpiece, you will not only understand your customers better, but you will also have the confidence and ability to write more effective copy.

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