SimplyWoodRings – Unique Eco-Friendly Rings

SimplyWoodRings A thin layer of plain leather is laid on a piece of hemp and a simple leather glue is applied. The hemp and leather set up a layer of protection between each other. The two layers are then sanded smooth and waxed to give it a smooth feel. Hemp is first sifted to remove grime and then a layer of pressed leather is laid over it. After the sifting, it is buffed with a wood cleaner and waxed to give it a smooth, matte finish. This mixture provides a perfect finishing touch to any of these simple wood rings.

SimplyWoodRings – Heads Up For Engineered Wood Floor

When making these rings, partners with locals who handcraft hemp rings. Instead of using imported raw materials, they handcraft their products to provide a better quality product. Because of this partnership, these rings have a higher price, but they are worth every penny. The success of this partnership relies on the great wood that they are using. Once the bands are cut, the bands are mounted onto the hemp. A hardwood base is utilized for the side of the ring that faces the gun barrel and the other pieces are secured by using felt.

Hemp is very durable and is resistant to dents, dings and scratches. It is also resistant to cracking and has a high resiliency when left untreated. Its surface is even and does not have sharp edges. As a result, it is a durable material that will last a lifetime.

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