A washing machine is a necessary purchase, but what is the most important factor in choosing the right brand?

We want the washing machine to be handy, long lasting, not too expensive to use and certainly not unnecessarily expensive to buy. When you buy a new washing machine, there are many things you can pay attention to. Just go to a seller, and you’ll see that there are many properties to select from. The more specifications a washing machine has, the more expensive it will be. Offcourse you can choose a expensive brand like AEG wasmachines, but there are quite some cheaper options available like the Indesit wasmachines.

However, the best washing machine doesn’t have to be the most expensive. We’ll explain to you what are the factors that drive up the price of a washing machine:

What are the most important factors in choosing a washing machine at the moment?

  • The brand: some brands have a big name, but these brands also deserve that name. These brands have years of experience in making a washing machine. You often see that the construction quality of these brands is considerably higher and that these washing machines are therefore more durable.
  • Washing quality: this determines how clean the clothes come out of the drum. The advice is to go for at least a middle class, and if you have a little more money for it, then go for a top class. This washing machine has extra features and actions to help you take care of your laundry better, smell fresher, and clean the drum and detergent drawer yourself.
  • The energy label: the more economical the washing machine, the more expensive it will be. Please note that a higher energy label also pays for itself in the energy bill! This is certainly worth considering.

The appearance is also very important!

Appearance and operation: you wouldn’t say it, but the appearance of a washing machine does more to the price than you think. Think of a handy control panel with touch screen and display of remaining time, or even turning on the washing machine from an app on the phone. You can choose to pay more for this, but this luxury is not a prerequisite for cleaner clothing.

Extra features of washing machines

Extra features and ease of use: the washing machine is becoming easier and more functional to use. The manufacturer thinks along with the consumer and comes up with features that make everyday life easier, such as the above-mentioned app for remotely operating the washing machine (and dryer) or adding laundry when the washing machine is already running. For example, there are many functions that together increase the ease of use. Which functions are important to you depends on your personal preference and your situation.

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